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On entry into year 7 students will have the option of studying French, German or Spanish. They will have the opportunity to develop a good understanding of this language in the first year by participating in six lessons per cycle.  At the end of year 7 students will be given the option to choose a second language that they will study in years 8 and 9.  Whilst every effort is made to accommodate a student's language choice, and whilst we will endeavour to give every student their first choice, this cannot be guaranteed. 

Many students recognise the value of a language qualification and will take at least one language at GCSE level. 

Students who are able to communicate fluently in other languages will have the opportunity to sit a GCSE in this language, where the qualification is available. 


On entry to Year 9, students have the opportunity to study Latin as an extracurricular subject.  Students who continue to study Latin in Key Stage 4 and some will have the opportunity to achieve a GCSE in Latin.  The GCSE in Latin is taken in the Summer term of year 10. 

Information regarding individual subjects can be found by following the links below: