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The Howard Partnership Trust (THPT) is a Surrey based Multi-Academy Trust, comprising four secondary, six primary and two special schools with two further under development. We are proud of our ethos of collaboration and inclusion, "Bringing out the best" in students of all abilities and backgrounds. Visit website

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Our Curriculum Intent

History at the Howard aims to bring out the best by stimulating students’ interest in the past and using this to develop a greater understanding of the present. Students at the Howard will have the opportunity to engage with a broad and diverse curriculum that equips them with a local, national and global perspective. 

The History curriculum at the Howard features past accounts of every continent allowing students to understand how the past has shaped diverse peoples, groups and nations to prepare them to engage with an increasingly globalised world. This goes beyond the classroom with extracurricular provision through History Extra where students are able to study topics which fall outside the standard curriculum. History students at the Howard will come to understand their national identity and engage with the similarities and differences of the human experience across time and place. This will allow them to appreciate the challenges experienced in the past and understand ones that continue to be seen in the present. 

Students will be encouraged to think, write and speak like historians using evidence to inform judgements and critically evaluate interpretations of the past. Students will learn how historians and others construct accounts about the past, whether it is building on, challenging or refining the work of others. Students will learn complex historical concepts such as change over time, significance and causation. History at the Howard will enable students to formulate clear and coherent arguments both written and verbal, giving students the skills and confidence they need to be the best they can be in a culturally diverse modern world.

Our Learning Journey

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