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Personal Development (inc. PSHE & RSE) 

Our Curriculum Intent

The Personal Development Faculty achieves the Howard’s curriculum intent by:

Ensuring students appreciate how topics studied in Personal Development can help them to become responsible, respectful and knowledgeable citizens both inside and outside of school. It is within this subject that we teach them about their own rights and the rights of others, give them an appreciation of all people within their community and inform them on how to make safe decisions as they move into their futures. We actively challenge our students to seek out challenges inside school and in the wider society so they can develop ambition, resilience, and a bravery to pursue every opportunity they have no matter how big or small.

The PD curriculum is well planned, sequential, relevant, and purposeful and develops the understanding of all students regardless of their starting points and the information/experience they’ve had up until this point. We aim for all students to successfully complete their programme of study with detailed knowledge, understanding and the cultural capital to succeed in later life.

Our Learning Journey


Personal Development is taught as a discrete subject is years 7-10 and through the Learning for Life programme in year 11.  Please click here for a copy of the year 7-10 learning journey.

National Curriculum Mapping

Our schemes of work are aligned with the National Curriculum and are designed to at least meet its requirements, going beyond them in many respects.

To access DfE Guidance on Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education (PSHE) and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) click here


KS4 Course Information

For information about KS4 courses, please refer to the KS4 Curriculum e-booklet.

KS5 Course Information

For information about the KS5 Courses available, click here.